Sunday, April 14, 1946

104th day- 261 days follow

Fair and warmer.

George came down at 9 A.M. and gave me a ride up on the hill, and from there up to his house.  There we flushed out his hot water cistern.  Then we went out into garden and I helped him plant till 1 P.M.

Then Thel came up from church and she, Eleanor, Marie and I went down to the camp and it was fine there.

Frank Raymond came down with a young family met him there and he sold them two lots between mine and Archies.  He told me he sold two next to mine last fall.  There is one small one left next to Archies.

I did a lot of raking up and made it look a lot better.

Went up on the hill when I came back.  Mr. and Mrs. Cummings and Bud and Priscilla were there.  They gave me a ride home.  I think Oscar and Frieda were here to pay us a visit today.

Bud found the keys I lost this morning.

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