Sunday, April 21, 1946

111th day- 254 days follow


(Pine Tree)

Went up on the hill, no one up.

Thel and I went to church and the little kids did fine.

Tillie and Bubbie Nickerson were there, so was his x wife.

After dinner Thel and I took a ride over to the canal.  We went over the Sagamore Bridge and along the other side to take a look at the fires from the Bridges.  And they are sure going like time every since noon Friday.  It has burned up hundreds of acres.  We came back to the camp and we transplanted the white pine tree.

We went out on the pond in the boat for the first time this year. Tried for a red perch but didn’t get a bite.

When we got back to the hill Mr. Bubbins, Mr. And Mrs. Haggart and another Dr. was there with Mr. Hornblower.

Ski has gone to work tonight.

The glow of the fire shows up very plainly tonight.

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