Monday, April 22, 1946

112th day- 253 days follow

Cloudy and cool wind No.

Mr. H. is up on the hill today.

Worked all day on the lawns and pool gardens.

Jubbie worked today.

After I finished work Mr. H. and I took a ride up to his lot that was burned over last Tuesday up on Clifford Toad, from there we went up to Quaker Tavern and he showed me the new bog that Sherman is making in the Forge Pond swamp.

When I got home Thel and Cozette had gone over to see Nona and look at a house up on Stafford St. Nona wants to buy.

Cozette told Thel that Tillie and Bubbie Nickerson expect to get married in September.  Ski went to the pictures tonight.  After supper Thel and I took Silver home, but stayed only a short time.

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