Friday, April 26, 1946

116th day- 249 days follow

(cranberry bogs)

Warmer and showers.

Mrs. H was up on the hill when I got there this A.M.

George Crowell came up and he, Mr. H. and I took the young euonymus plants and we started out and made our first stop at the cranberry canning co. in town.

From there we went down to the boss’s bogs in Rochester, put in a few plants.  Then we went over to Marion and had dinner.  When we got back  to the bogs Mr. Shaw and Oscar showed up and we set out the rest of the plants around different buildings.

From there we went ino Wareham and from there down thru some of the Makepeace bogs. And back up thru Carver and the Federal bogs.

They brought me home.

Thel went to Helen Holmes’s to a card party.

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