Saturday, April 27, 1946

117th day- 248 days follow

Rained most all day. Cold.

Jubbie and I mowed the lawns and cleaned up the cellar.

Stopped in to see Pick and Eric.

Took a look at Phil Chandler’s garden on the way home, found three broken arrowheads and one broken banner stone with one nice hole in it

After dinner Thel took me up to Eleanors and I planted three rows of beans and four rows of corn in their garden.

Took a hoe over to Dick Adams’s and hoed out a lot of shell and some bone, one broken celt no good, one large fish scaler and one broken knife.

Thel and I went around by the store and got Evelyn and took her home.

We came back to Eleanors and had supper, then we played 8 games of cribbage.  Thel and I won five of them.

Geo. is working over at the Johnsons Stand painting.

Ski is going to buy an English Setter puppy.

Bill Whitings nephew Arthur Hughes was buried today. He and another fellow were drowned in the harbor.

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