Sunday, April 28, 1946

118th day- 247 days follow


Partly cloudy cleared in late afternoon.

Went up on the hill saw Mr. H and Mrs. Harry and Dimp.

When I got back I went down to see Jo. Manter about plowing the garden came back and worked to 2 P.M. on the garage cleaning it up.

Took a look around Jennie Chandlers house and found a quartz and chopper.

After dinner Thel took me up to Dick Adam’s house and I dug the rest of the afternoon and I did  a heck of a lot of work for what I found, one fair spear head and a fish scaler, some deer teeth, and a few bones and flakes.  After I got thru digging I went up and beat George three games of horse shoes.

Thel came up and got me. We stopped up on the hill, and I closed up the house.

Elex Smith came here this afternoon and took Ski for a ride on his new motorcycle. They went up around Brockton, Bridgewater, Whitman.

Mrs. Shanklin was looking for me this afternoon.

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