Thursday, May 2, 1946

122nd day- 243 days follow

Fair and mild

The carpenters and painter worked all day and finished up for now.

Jubbie and I painted up some of the porch furniture.

Lewis Fugazzi was up and took the big awning.

Mr. Parker brought me a load of fine peat from the boss’s bog down in Rochester.

Harry came in just before I ate my supper and stayed a few minutes, then he went up on the hill.

After supper he came back and he took me over to Duxbury to see some land by the Myles Standish monument he is interested in buying. We walked all over it and there are a lot of enormous white pine trees on it, on the west shore of the point.

Harry told me Lothrup Withington has bought the Howard Bates land on the shore side of Warren Avenue.

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  1. I just wanted to add that today is the 95th birthday of “Ski”. Jessie Smith is living in assisted living, but continues to paint and enjoy life.

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