Friday, May 3, 1946

123rd day- 242 days follow

Fair and very cool

The plumber was up on the hill this morning.

Harry left for Sandwich at 8-5 A.M.

Ski and Jubbie and some more of the kids went down to Buzzads Bay and bowled.  Ski had the high score.

I saw a chicwink (?) a couple of days ago.

When I came home I cut up half a bushel of potatoes, and then I dug some more in the hen yard.

New moon tonight and it feels as if we are going to have a frost.

So far the puppy is doing fine.

Walder’s birthday today.

Mr. Shanklin came in about 9:30 P.M. and he and I played cribbage til 11:30.

I won 2 out of three.

One Reply to “Friday, May 3, 1946”

  1. Good Morning, I think that Jesse may be referring to a towhee which is sometimes called a “chewink” (an old term but maybe more common then, particularly for a naturalist like Jesse! Fred


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