Tuesday, May 7, 1946

127th day- 238 days follow

Fair and cooler wind all over.

Dug up the old rose garden this A.M.

Thel’s crew was up cleaning house.

Jubbie and I split and piled wood this afternoon.

Dot Dunlap came home from the hospital with her new baby.

Bobbie’s wife was up after supper to get some records of theirs.

After supper I planted the rest of the potatoes  7 ½ rows.

Archie was over planting onions.

Al Holman came in [for] a few minutes.

Thel and Ski went to the movies.

There was a 2 ½ foot milk snake in the middle of the garden.  It was the prettiest one I have seen for a long time.

Saw a woodchuck as I was coming home from work.

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