Wednesday, May 8 1946

128th day- 237 days follow

Partly cloudy and cool.

Ed Holman had another spell again early this morning.

Thel has gone up to stay with her mother today.

Cozette and Helen Griffin worked up on the hill today.

Arthur Sirrico came over and got a load of rubbish for the dump.

Went to town and got a haircut and some fish hooks.

At noon Dave called up from his job and said they are planning to come down Friday night.

Mrs. H. also called up and said they will be down this weekend.

Ski came in from work and went right up to Maraghys.

I went out into the garden and raked up an onion bed and put in four rows of sets.

Took me two hours and fifteen minutes . Then I came in and washed the dishes. 

Eleanor called up tonight.

Mary Manter fell down stairs last night and broke a leg.  She is 90 I think.

Saw a rabbit by the flower garden.

The Dutton family are back from Florida, and I gave them the keys.

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