Friday, May 10, 1946

120th day- 235 days follow

Fair and warmer.

The rose bushes came from Breck’s and I got them all planted.

Had Jubbie digging up dandelions.

Thel was up at her mothers all day.

Saw a rabbit and a sparrow hawk kup on the hill today.

Ski worked tonight.

After supper I planted two rows of beans and raked a place for carrots and beets.

Bill came up on the hill at 4:30 and he invited me to ride up to Attleboro with him tomorrow afternoon to meet the Morehead Chapter M.A.S.

On my way home I stopped in at Mr. Duttons and I took a latter with me.

Planted two rows of beans.

Dave, Dot, and the three kids arrived about 8:30 tonight.

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