Saturday, May 11, 1946

131st day- 235 days follow

Warm and showers.

Harry and I took a ride up to Sherman Whipple’s new bog and met Mr. Kelley a bog (State) expert and went over to look at the swamp in back of the Withingtons (to) see what he thought of putting in a bog there.

Thel was up to her fathers for about 18 hours.

Stopped at Duttons and put some glass in his skylight that had been shot out.

Bill and Mrs. Whiting came up for me at 1:15 to go to Bridgewater to see the Attleboro gang’s dig.

There were two boys her Fred Orchard sent down from Boston on a chance that I had a dig for them to work on. So Bill and I took them over to the dig and from there over to Attleboro to take the train home.

A good part of the Plymouth Chapter were at the regular meeting of their chapter.

Maurice Robbins gave a swell talk on one of the site reports that he had sent in for publication in American Antiquity.

When we came home it was raining hard all the way.

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