Wednesday, May 15, 1946

135th day- 230 days follow

Fair and warm today.

I ate dinner with Pick and Walder.  Both of the boys have chicken pox.

Chet was up on the hill to see me this afternoon.

Thel and Cozette came up and straightened out the living room.

Thel and the rest of them went over to the undertakers to see how he had fixed Ed up.

Did a lot more planting tonight and grubbed out the burdock plants.

Thel got a dozen dandy red carnations from Bill and Lottie.

Nona and John Palavanchi have got the papers on the house they are buying up on Newfield St.

May, Wanetta, and Eleanor all called up while Thel was out.

Jubbie didn’t work today.

A guernsey heifer had a calf in Phils field tonight.

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