Tuesday, May 14, 1946

135th day- 231 days follow

Fair and mild.

Al called Thel at 6 A.M. and said their father is still alive so Thel went right up there.

Painted furniture this A.M.

I got a letter (from) Ross Holloway one of the boys that came down from Boston to see me last Saturday.

No women on the hill today. 

Steve Treglawn was over on the place.  I didn’t see him but he left his initials on the ground in front of the shanty door.

Chopped down some trees in the grove.

The woodticks sure are thick now.

Saw two mourning doves up on the hill and three catbirds and a chewick at Mrs. Sawyers bird bath.

Thel came home for a minute at 6 P.M. and she said her father died just after three this afternoon. 

Marion Finney was over here all the early evening.

Took off the storm windows and dug in the garden after supper till dark.

Jubbie didn’t work today.

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