Friday, May 17, 1946

137th day- 228 days follow

Partly cloudy and cooler.

Painted lawn furniture this morning.

After dinner we all went up to the Holman’s and organized in the cars to ride up to the church for the funeral.  The church was full of relations.

Mr. Shanklin did the honors.

After the funeral I went up to Eleanors and took a look at Georges garden.

Went over to look at

 the new swimming pool the new owner of the hotel have just started to build in front or between the hotel and the shore. I met the manager of the hotel reconstruction.

Got a ride home with Eleanor and am still waiting for Mr. Shanklin to show up.

Bill called me up at 8:45 P.M. and said Ronald Engstrum and Seamans were at his house and wanted to come up to see my stuff.

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