Sunday, May 18, 1946

138th  day-227 days follow

Cool and cloudy.

Mowed lawns this A.M.

After dinner Bill came up and we went up to Wrights place to see if he could buy some lumber.  Then we came back to the Browns dig and dug up one square.  We were on a fine occupational floor, lots of shell and ash, some bone, deer and smaller animals.  We got one good large white triangular quartz point, several large pieces of pottery, and several broken pieces of arrow heads.  I found a piece of deer bone with two crosswise grooves on it just below the joint.

When I got home Jubbie came over and he had the largest granite rubbing and grinding stone I have seen from around here.  He said it was found at A. K. Finney’s pit.

I found a beautiful pink dogwood in bloom up by the brown dig.

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