Tuesday, May 21, 1946

141st day- 224 days follow

Warm and showers till noon.

Raked a place on the fire strip to put in some buckwheat.

Weeded in the pool garden.

Cozette and Helen Griffin are on the hill.

Two small rocking chairs came from Carboni’s.

Thel was up at her mothers today.

Jubbie and I finished cleaning up the pool garden.  Light rain all the time.

Archie and I went up to Buckinghams to look at a boat.  It is just the same as new and I bought it for $55.00 and that is a bargain for these times.

I had a long distance call from Ross Hallowell.  He wanted to come down here to dig and I had to disappoint him in that, but I sent his name to Mr. Barden to become a junior member.

Thel and Ski went to the soft ball game.  Our team lost.

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