Monday, May 20, 1946

140th day- 225 days follow

Fair and warm.

Mowed lawns, and in the middle of the morning we went down to the Yacht Club and fixed up the flower beds.

This afternoon I weeded flower beds in the pool garden.

Jubbie worked today.

Mrs. H. left for Boston about 5 P.M.  She gave me a ride up to the end of Clifford Road.  From there I went to Eleanors and had supper.  After supper George and I went over to the Hotel grounds to watch Thomas’ masons putting cement in the bottom of the new swimming pool.

Later Thel came up from her mothers.  She said John McGee was around here today with his mother and fiancee.  He is going up to Maine to preach. 

The wren arrived on the hill.  The cuckoos and mourning doves were calling all day.

Ski went up to Boston to see Barnum’s circus. 

Sowed buckwheat on the fire belts.

Harry was on the hill today.

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