Saturday, May 25, 1946

145th day- 220 days follow


Fair and warm. Fine day.

The folks are on the hill today.

Jubbie worked.

Harry and Mr. Kelley from the Exp. station were up this A.M. and they invited me to go along with them to Duxbury and Kingston to some cranberry bogs.  Mr. Kelley had to look and advise the owners what to do for them.

We got back just before noon and did a little work on my boat.

Bill came up after dinner and we went out to the bend of Jones River and dug in the shell heap for three hours.  I found one good small bone awl, one good bone awl I found in two pieces about four feet apart, three pretty good arrowheads, one long triangular, two stemmed, and a few broken pieces, hundreds of large flakes, and three bone beads, and a lot of pottery fragments.  When I got home the Shanklin family were here for supper.  He brought some clams.

Betty Covell and her fiance were here this evening.  They played rummy.

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