Sunday, May 26, 1946

146th day- 219 days follow

Fair and warm till noon, then east wind and cool.

Went up on the hill, came back by H.H. cow barn, was going to see if I could find an arrowhead, but J. C. Manter had harrowed it so could find nothing.

Thel and I went down to the ond and after dinner we went fishing and didn’t get anything.

Geo. Holman and his family were over at Archie’s so was Milt Vaughn and Margaret, and her baby.

Archie, Cozette, Roger, Eddie,and his family came down later.

I let Archie and Eddie take the boat while I age my supper.  All they got was one roach.

Eddit and his family came home with us.

Thel and I went up on the hill.  The folks had all gone back to Boston.

Ski and Bud Smith came down to the pond this afternoon,, the first time I had seen him.

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