Wednesday, May 29, 1946

149th day- 216 days follow

Thel was up at her folks all day.

Worked on lawns and shrubs all day.

Jubbie worked today.

The storm blew itself out about noon and the sun came out this afternoon for the first time in several days.

I locked Cozette and Helen in the house at noon.  I thought there was no one there.

Al Holman has got someone to haul his lobster pots.

The radio just announced that the coal strike is over.

Found two broken arrowheads in my garden tonight.

After supper Thel and I took a ride up on the hill and saw Harry and his father.  I got the vases to use over in the cemetery tomorrow.

Mowed some grass when I got home.

Ski had (       ) given to her tonight.

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