Thursday, May 30, 1946

150th day- 215 days follow

Went up on the hill and took some flowers over to the cemetery.  Met Thel and her mother there and I put some flowers on Ed Holman’s, Mother’s, and Marie’s graves.

We came home and got some food and the three of us and the puppy went down to the camp.

I went over to Little Herring Pond and caught one large roach.  Then I went over to Triangle and got two red perch and one hornpout.  When I got back from fishing Dave, Dottie, and three kids were there.  They had dinner and left at 6 P.M.  Dave and I pitched several games of horseshoes and I won all of them.

The Hathaway family came down this afternoon and they came over to visit us for a while before we started for home.

Our car had a blowout just this side of the sheep farm.  When Archie caught up with us he and Jubbie helped me put on the spare tire.

Ski went to the pictures with her friend.

Dave is thinking of taking a new job.

5 Replies to “Thursday, May 30, 1946”

      1. Thank you, Skip! It really helps us to get input..and it’s exciting now that we’re preparing for the wedding of your dad and Tillie!!


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