Tuesday, June 4, 1946

155th day- 210 days follow

Started off fair changing to rain in the late afternoon.

Transplanted all day.

Thel, Cozette, and Helen worked up on the hill today.

Jubbie trimmed hedges.

When I came home at noon I saw a big woodchuck across the field from the house.

Mrs. Holman has a new brindle bull pup.  I hear she gave $100.00 for it.

Cut worms are more plentiful this year than I have ever seen them before.

After supper I mowed some grass, painted some screens, and planted some tomatoes.

Thel went up to her mother’s for a while to see the pup.

I fixed my wheel and put on some of the screens.

Thel came home from Quincy and we took up a go cart that Thel bought for Marie.

Played four games of horseshoes with George, won the first, lost the second, skunked him the third 21-0 and won the fourth.

Len Sears down at Jabez Corner committed suicide by shooting his head off.

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