Monday, June 3, 1946

154th day- 211 days follow


Fair and cool, good day to work.

Thel and Helen Griffin worked up on the hill today. Jubbie too.

Dug up the cutting garden in the A.M. and oiled all the floors in the house in the P.M.

Thel took her mother to the Dr’s.

Ski and her friend were up on the hill.

After I got home from work Dr. Wild picked me up and took me over to the Kiwanis Club meeting at the Rock House, where we all had supper and I was guest speaker of the evening.  I gave them a talk on Archeology and I think it went over good.

Came home with Walder and played a half a dozen games of cribbage and won most of them.

Helen Finney and her husband and Marion are here.

Thel and Ski went to the pictures tonight.

New moon tonight.   Seems good to see the clear sky again.

I think I made a lot of new friends tonight.

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