Saturday, June 8, 1946

159th day- 206 days follow

Fair and hot.

Mr. H. was on the hill when I got there this A.M.

Thel went up to her mother’s.

Ski said Geo. Dunlap was taken up to the hospital.

After dinner Thel, I, and the pup went down to the camp.

Archie and Cozette beat us getting there by a few minutes.

Archie and I drove his well and it works fine.

Then we went out fishing.  He caught one fair pickerel and the largest hornpout I have seen for years.  We put it back in the pond as it looked to be full of spawn.

Ate supper with Archie, then played cribbage through a mild thunder storm, then went back to our camp after it was over.

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