Sunday, June 9, 1946

160th day- 205 days follow

All wrong

“Fair and hot today.

Mowed all day up around the house.

Mrs. H. called up and said they would be down tomorrow. 

Jubbie mowed all of the rough.

Harry called up to see if Thel knew if Barby could come up tomorrow night so we rode up to Stafford St. but Barby was at the movies.

Had planned to do a lot of work around home tonight but was too darn tired to do it.” *

2 A.M. Sunday.  Another thunder storm.  Thel got me up till it was all over.  There were three revolver or rifle shots fired across the pond at 10 second intervals at 10 minutes to 2 A.M.  Heck of a time to be using firearms.

Archie and I picked up stuff for the church auction.

We went back down to the camp.  Geo., Eleanor, and Marie was there.

Archie and I fished before supper.  No luck.

Our lights were on when we got home.  They have been off since last night’s storm.

*I think the beginning of this entry was actually an extension of Friday, June 7.

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