Monday, June 10, 1946

161st day- 204 days follow

Fair and cool, fine day

The storm blew stuff all around up on the hill and it took me all day to rake the place up.

Hoed some in the garden after supper. Thel went over to the Dunlaps.

I took my fishing pole and oars and went down to the mouth of the river. And my boat hasn’t soaked up yet so I met a fellow there who invited me out with him, so I went and I like him fine.  He is Mr. Kiserling that owns the Smith house.  He was quite interesting, born and grew up in China, has worked in Vancouver, Canada, California, and Florida. We fished for about an hour and a half.  He rowed and I fished, none of us got a bite.  All the Finneys were there and didn’t get a bite.

Thel just came back from Dunlaps and said George is and has been in a lot of pain since his operation.

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