Tuesday, June 18, 1946

169th day- 196 days follow


Fair and hot till 2 P.M. then thunder shower. Rained like heck for 1 hour.

Jubbie and I worked on the gardens and shrubs all day.

When we got thru work we went over to H.H. boat house and took my canoe and we paddled down to the mouth of the river, from there we brought the canoe here.

Took a look at the boat and she hasn’t tightened up yet.

Thel is going to a supper at Helen Holmes’ tonight.

I went up to George’s and got some cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower plants to transplant.

I found a beautiful large knife base and a nice slate arrow point, with a small piece off the tip.

Then I went over on the Hotel property and found two good arrowheads, one large broken spear point and two small broken arrowheads.

We sat on the front porch till 9 P.M. then came in till Thel came after me.

Tomorrow night is the big fight.

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