Wednesday, June 19, 1946

170th day- 195 days follow

Cool and fair, wind north

Jubbie and I cleaned up all day.

Went down to the boat with Mr. Shanklin and pulled it up and he went over to town and got some worms and went fishing and didn’t get anything.  When he came back we had steamed clams for super he got in town.  It is his birthday and Thel got him a fishing license.

We sete out some cabbage plants after supper then came in and played 5e games of crib.  I lost the first one, wone the second and third, and skunked him the fourth and fifth.

Ski and her boyfriend and Charlie Fraser and his girl went down to Onset to bowl.

We are waiting for 10 P.M. to hear the big fight over the air.

Mr. Shanklin didn’t get any fish.

Archie came over to listen to the fight and Thel had a card and a present for each of them as it is their birthdays.  I got quite a kick out of listening to the bout. Joe sure did him up brown.*

*Ed. Note. Joe Louis vs. Billy Conn.  This was the first heavyweight fight to broadcast on TV.

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