Monday, June 24, 1946

175th day- 190 days follow

Fair and hot.

Mowed grass and Jubbie raked it up.

Martha Hornblower has the measles.

Did a lot of chores for Mrs. H.

I heard the fire alarm this A.M.  Went up by the barn and didn’t see anything.  When I got home at noon Wanetta’s two kids and Art Cox’s kid were here.  The fire was over at Wanetta’s house and confined to the kitchen.

When I came home tonight, after supper Jubbie and I went down to the boat and tried for striped bass.  There was a lot of fishermen out. Both of us got a strike at once, one fish tore off Jubbie’s spinner and hook.

I landed my fish.  It was a beauty, 32 inches to the fork of its tail.  We went down off long point and Jubbie got another whopper on my pole.  This one tore the hook and spinner off and we lost it too.

I heard that there was a murder in town today and they called out the State guard to try to catch him.

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