Tuesday, June 25, 1946

176th day-189 days follow

Fair and hot.

Put the water on for the first time of the season.

Harry came up on the hill this afternoon and he had a broken Indian pot he got down at the Pilgrim Hall.  It was supposed to have been dug up near the mouth of Jones River.  We gave it a good looking over and we think it looks like southern material.

Mr. Shanktin, George, Eleanor, Marie, and Richelene. (?)

After supper I went out in the garden and worked till dark and the mosquitoes almost ate me up.

The fellow that sold Ski the pup was up with his wife to see Miles.

Thel took Eleanor home and went over to Pick’s to put Eric and David to bed.  They were giving Julia a run around.

Saw Chan. Finney going by on his way home tonight.  He sold his home up in Hyde Park and came back to live in his home here.

Helen Finney had her appendix removed today.

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