Saturday, June 29, 1946

180th day- 185 days follow

Fair and hot.

No one on the hill this A.M.

Russ Snow was up to measure for a window curtain.

Thel went up to the Children’s Hospital with Dot Dunlap and her baby.

At noon I ate my dinner and went down to the river to see if I could get a bass.  I got there too late.  They had stopped biting.

This afternoon Thel and I went down to the camp.

Ski stayed up at Eleanor’s.

I went out in the boat trolling and got nothing.

Archie and Cozette came down to get ready for the dinner tomorrow.

Buzzard’s Bay fog came in just before sunset and cooled it off.

While I was fishing a large bald eagle [flew] over my boat and his head was as white as snow.

The puppy behaves better each time we take him to the pond.

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