Sunday, June 30, 1946

181st day- 184 days follow

This morning I pulled up a lot of ferns and brush around the camp.

Archie’s three sisters from Boston, Eddie and his wife, and Bobbie Nickerson, and Thel and I had a lobster dinner over at Archie’s camp.

Geo., Eleanor, and Marie were up to our camp and had their dinner.

I got a good sunburn on my stomach today.

Archie and I went fishing after dinner and got only a few small perch and roaches.

The fellow that I have a date with to go fishing with next Tuesday night came out on the pond and said he would be waiting for me.

We came home by the hill and the boss left a nice note for me.

The police cornered the colored fellow that killed a colored woman the first of the week up in the woods by Braley Town and he shot and killed young Geo. Bell about 10 P.M. Sat.  I just heard that he hasn’t been caught yet.

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