Tuesday, July 2, 1946

183rd day- 182 days follow

Showers and cooler.  Feels good to get wet.

Got a check from Fuller Hammond.

Jubbie and I cleaned out the oil heater this A.M.

This afternoon I mowed behind the barn and it sure was hot.

Thel, Cozette, Roger, and I went down to the camp and I went over to Robert and he had a collapsible row boat on top of his car so we went over to Little Herring [Pond].  We took it off the car and carried it down to the dike, put it together.  He rowed up to the upper end of the pond and fished for red perch and got a lot of them, and a lot of roaches, and one pickerel.

While we were fishing, the bald eagle flew all around us, close too. He is quite a bird.  I notice that it is molting as there are several flight feathers missing.

We stayed till 9-10 P.M. then the ground fog shut in like  a blanket.

We drove very slowly home.

Saw two quail up on the hill.

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