Thursday, July 4, 1946

185th day- 180 days follow

Fair and cool.

This morning I heard that Strickland’s cottage on top of the pine hills, and John Morton’s cottage on the river, and Chan Finney’s hen house and Charlie Washburn’s house burned.

I went down to the shore and took a look at my boat.  Saw Harry.  He said Bud likes his job in Chicago.

Thel and I went down to the camp at noon.

We stopped to see Eleanor and George.

When we got down to the camp the Hathaways were there.

Archie and I fished and had no luck.

We started home about 9 P.M. and I saw the reflection of a fire over on the back road so we drove up on the hill to look around and one fire was up by Mick Swift’s, and while we were looking at that a fire started in the hollow in back of Hugh Maraghy’s.

Saw my fishing friend and he said he would like to come down tomorrow night to try the stripers.

Put a new front tire and tube on my bike.

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