Friday, July 5, 1946

186th day- 179 days follow

Fair and hot.

Went up on the hill to get Jubbie started.

While I was up there Bill came up and he thought he has located an Indian grave, up on the edge of the road between the two Long Ponds, so we took a ride up to look at it.  There is a layer of burnt sand and charcoal about two feet from the surface.  The layer that is exposed is saucer shaped about 3 ½ feet across by eight or ten inches thick.

When we got back Mr.Shanklin and Richalene were here.

Patched up my garage and tarred its roof.

Sprayed my potatoes.

At  P.M. the fellow came up from the pond and we went down to the river and fished till dark and nobody got a bass.  So we still fished for a while and Bob got two eels.  Then we came up here and had some supper and talked till 11:30 P.M.

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