Wednesday, July 24, 1946

205th day- 160 days follow

Fair and hot wind so.

Worked all day around the flower beds.

The baby hummingbirds are almost ready to leave the nest.

Mrs. Driscoll was down to see Thel today.

After supper Thel drove me down to Guy Cooper’s for some tobacco, then we picked up Ski at Cozette’s and we went up to see Geo. and Eleanor for a couple of hours.

When I went into the house and the cellar was full of stinking smoke.  I ran down cellar and shut off the refrigerator switch, then I opened the windows and doors to let the smoke out.

Then I called Roger Maloon and he came up and we found the belt came off the big pulley and wound around the shaft, and wound around the motor fan in such a way it locked the motor and burned it up.

We went up to his house and got another motor and put it in the place of mine.


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