Thursday, July 25, 1946

206th day- 159 days follow


Hot and Sticky

This morning Thel took me over to town and I paid my water tax, Mrs. H’s mail box, had a tooth pulled, bought some shorts, and a couple of flashlight batteries.

When we came back Eleanor and Marie were with us and we went down to Brownie’s at Fresh Pond + had fried clams for dinner.  On the way back I stopped at a place on the Point Road, where Bill said he had looked and there was nothing, but I found one small red arrowhead and one fine grooved hammer, very good.

After supper I went up to the Hospital with Russ. Snow and we brought Mary Manter home.  She has a broken leg and is over 90 years old.

We went over to town and could not get a sea worm, so we went fishing using plugs and got nothing.  Saw only one fish caught in about 15 boats out.

Harry’s wife was up on the hill this afternoon.

Rusty Rounds was here tonight.

I heard Jennie Chandler had sold her house and was going to fix up the barn to live in.

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