Thursday, Aug. 1, 1946

213th day- 152 days follow

Rained all day today.

Mr. Shanklin slept here last night and this morning he went swamp blueberrying with Carl Rounds and Geo. Olsson.

Jubbie didn’t work today.  He was helping on the wedding arrangements.  Thel and Fannie came up on the hill about 11:45 A.M. and got some flowers I had cut.  We took them over to the church and stayed till 2 P.M. arranging them in the church and the upstairs hall.  Then we came home and had our dinner and got ready for the wedding.  Ski was the bride’s maid and Al. Holman was best man.

There was over a hundred people there, and it was a nice ceremony and a good reception upstairs.  After the reception they went up to Rod’s house to look at the presents and get licker (liquored) up.

Thel and I and Fannie, Archie and Cozette went back down to the church and cleaned the place up.

Johnnie Palavanchi is living up at Grandma Holman’s.

2 Replies to “Thursday, Aug. 1, 1946”

  1. The wedding was my mother and father, Margorie (Tilly) Hathaway and John Rodman Nickerson. I got to go to the wedding. I was 9 years old. Tilly and Rod were a match made in heaven. They were inseparable for the next 50 plus years…

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