Friday, Aug. 2, 1946

214th day- 151 days follow


Rained all day today.

Jubbie and I didn’t work today.

Thel and I went up on the hill and got some sweaters that Mrs. H. wanted out west so I packed them up and took them over to the P.O. and it cost $4.63 to send them Air Mail.

When we came back we went up to Eleanor’s and got her and Marie and brought them down here and they stayed to supper.  After supper we took them home and I looked around the Hotel parking space and found one very good large side notched grey felsite arrowhead, and one small stemmed white quartz point.

While we were there the ambulance came up to the hotel and got someone.

We played several games of cribbage.

The storm has stopped and the moon is out now, also the Northern Lights are out.

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