Wednesday, Aug. 7, 1946

219th day- 146 days follow

The boss was up on the hill this A.M.

I saw where a fox had killed two rabbits last week, and today I saw it, and what a mangey looking cuss. It ran thru the cutting garden and across the drive.

I don’t think I ever saw it rain any harder than it did all this afternoon.

After supper Dick Adam’s wife called up and said Al Holman’s lobster car (boat?) had come ashore so Archie, Cozette, Thel, and I went over to the cottages.  Bubbie Nickerson and a gang had pulled it up against the breakwater and taken about a barrel of lobsters out of it.  We all got together and pulled up all the boats.

When we came home we all took a ride up to see Tilley.

2 Replies to “Wednesday, Aug. 7, 1946”

  1. Out on the Cape where I’m from, a lobster “car” was a submerged box-like pen that held previously trapped lobsters that the fishermen were waiting to take to market. Old time eel fishermen used to keep “cars” in the freshwater ponds to hold eels before shipping them to market. Perhaps that’s what Jesse I’d describing? Fred

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  2. In 1946, Chiltonville lobster fishermen kept their boats pulled up onto the beach in front of Bert’s. Yes, there was a beach there…Fred described a lobster car perfectly, fishermen still use them but now they are made of plastic…

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