Tuesday, Aug. 6, 1946

218th day-147 days follow

The White fuel truck brought me a load of oil up on the hill.

Thel took Eleanor over to town this A.M.  She and Marie were here to dinner.

After supper Ski and Bud took Thel and I for a ride down to Onset to see some fireworks and the fog was so thick that it was impossible to see anything of them.

There was a carnival there and a lot of the State Guard were up there from Camp Edwards where they are at camp.  The only one I saw that I knew was Sargent Sampson.  He told me he was working at Barnstable in a fish canning factory.

2 Replies to “Tuesday, Aug. 6, 1946”

    1. Wish I had seen your question earlier, Dickie. Andi and Fred gave a talk on 8/4 at “Plimoth-Patuxet” discussing Jesse Brewer and his involvement in the Hornblower estate. It was a great talk!


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