Monday, Aug. 19, 1946

231st day- 134 days follow

Started to rain about 8 A.M. and increased as the day wore on.

The boss was on the hill when I got there this morning.

Jubbie got in two hour’s work.

Thel, Ski, Cozette, Tilley, and some of the smaller kids went up to Boston to see the Rodeo.  Some day for an outside show.

Rained like time till the middle of the afternoon so I didn’t go right back to work.

Stopped in to see Pic and the boys on the way back.

After work I walked over by H. H. barn and looked for an arrowhead, found none. Took a look at the sand bank found one flake there.  Took a look over George’s and Eddie’s garden found one triangular dark felsite point two corners gone.

Had dinner with Geo. and Eleanor.

Thel came and got me about 9:30 P.M.

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