Tuesday, Aug. 20, 1946

232nd day- 133 days follow

Plymouth Archery Club

Fair and cool wind west.

The Parafax Gas men brought the new stove and installed it. 

Ernest Peters was up on the hill to get some of his old clothes.  He told me Con. Bartlett was found dead in his bedroom this morning.

Ernest gave Jubbie and I a ride home at noon.

Walder called me up to see if I would go for a sail with him so we took a sail around the harbor trying to catch a bass.  We had no luck.  He brought me into the Old Colony Memorial building at 8 P.M. and I went in to attend the organization of an archery club.

There were seven men and two girls there, so we had a meeting and called it the Plymouth Archery Club and elected a temporary secretary and treasurer and president.

After the meeting I walked down to the Milk Bar and saw Ski and Walter in there.  Had an ice cream with them and they gave me a ride home

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