Wednesday, Aug. 21, 1946

233rd day- 132 days follow


Fair and warm.

Jubbie didn’t come to work today.

Dr. and Mrs. Hagart came up on the hill this afternoon, and we bowled a couple of games.

Thel took Eleanor up to the hospital and she is staying there tonight hoping to have her baby and have it over with.

Elizabeth Finney was taken up to the hospital today. She had a hemorrhage.

Thel and Ski went up to Karles’ to attend a shower for Betty Covell.  She is going to be married Sept. 1 up at the church.

Harry called up and said his mother and Mary Gallagher are coming down tomorrow.

Ski came home from Betty’s and is out front with Bud.

Arthur Sirrico told me that Con. Bartlett was found dead on Sun. morning and was buried this afternoon.  I saw Con read(ing) on his front steps Sat. night and we spoke as I passed by.

Eleanor had a daughter about 10:30 P.M.  She had been in the hospital less than three hours.

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