Saturday, Aug. 24, 1946

236th day- 129 days follow


Fair and warm beautiful day.

This morning Mr. H. and Harry wanted me to go down to Rochester to the bogs with them and Geo. Crowell. When we got there Mr. Shaw, Fraser, and Merriweather were in the office and the topic of discussion was the planting of flowering shrubs and plants that would be planted around the bogs to keep bees happy during the time cranberries were not in bloom.

After the meeting we went over to the harbor in Marion and had dinner.

After dinner we went back to the bogs and Harry, Mr. H. and George examined all of the bogs to make an estimate on what they could expect as a crop this fall.  They think they will get 10,000 barrels.

When I got home Geo. had supper with us.

Thel went up to the store and Marie and I went along so we took a ride up as far as Withy’s.  Saw a woodchuck, a swan, and a yellow cat with a bushy tail.

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