Sunday, Aug. 25, 1946

237th day- 128 days follow

Fair and cool.

Went up on the hill this morning.  Stopped in to see Pic on the way back.  Walder and Howard and the kids had gone sailing.

Mowed some weeds in the garden and dug a few potatoes.

The Shanklins stopped in {for} a few minutes.

This afternoon I took my bow and set up a target in Jennie’s pasture and practiced some shooting.  I improved a little towards the end.

Geo. was here several times today.

Late this afternoon I went over to the river and tried the fishing and it sure was poor fishing.  Caught only one yellow perch.  I didn’t get a strike from a pickerel or a bass.

Marie went over to see her grandmother Stefani.

Saw a wild duck flying over the river.

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