Sunday, Sept. 15, 1946

258th day- 107 days follow

Fair and warmer.  

The hurricane we were supposed to have in the night  didn’t get here.

Took Miles up on the hill this morning and around back by Victoria’s.

Spent the rest of the morning in the garden.

After dinner Thel and I took some rubbish up to the dump and from there we went up to Boot Pond and we went over to Hammond’s bog and we found some flakes and chips, but not many.  From there we went up to the tourist’s park at College pond.  Then we came back down the Long pond and Jordan Road.

And up to George’s.  There we did some archery shooting.

Geo. and I took a walk and I picked up a fine light brown quartzite arrow point by the hotel garage.  In front of the hotel I found one fine white quartz knife, a very good one.

George and I came down and got a steel trap, and I set it at the edge of his garden.

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