Tuesday, Sept. 24, 1946

267th day- 98 days follow

Cloudy and warm.

Did chores in the house today.

Geo. Dunlap went after stripers and got none.

The Whiting that tore down Fraser’s barn lives in Manomet on Bartlett Road.  He came from Lynn.

After supper I took the 6 P.M. bus over as far as the Post Office.  Then Mr. Morse came along and gave me a ride up as far as Standish Aave. to the archery shoot.

We had a good shoot but all of us were not so good.

Alvin gave me a ride home.

Thel said she may have a chance to get a Plymouth car.

Took Myles up on the hill this afternoon.

The Driscolls are still here and so are the folks in both of their cottages.

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