Wednesday, Sept. 25, 1946

268th day- 97 days follow

Fair and cloudy.

After supper I took a ride on my wheel up to the corn field at the Withington’s and hunted for arrowheads and found only one fair white quartz point.

They had been digging potatoes and it looks as if the greater part of the crop had rotted in the ground.

I came home by Geo. Leach’s and River St.  When I got to the bridge the fellow that lives upstairs in Harry Hadaway’s was fishing off the bridge.  I stayed and talked to him for about ½ hour and he caught a nice large mouth bass and threw it back into the river.  I liked the way he did it.

Thel had the club here for a meeting tonight.  At 9 P.M. they all went up to Fannie Davis’s for a feed.

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